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KOHEI-Apple Music-


New Single【SAKURA】 Release!!
(April 5th 2024)
Full ver.➨MUSIC


10.-11.8.2024 Matsucon (Oulu, Finland)


KOHEI is an international Japanese singer-songwriter from Mishima City, Shizuoka, Japan.


In 2011 He created his first band, and was actively performing in Tokyo for several years.

In 2019 He started his solo project when He moved from Japan to Switzerland (living in Zurich).

In 2021 He released his 1st album "No Regret". All lyrics, the composition, arrangement, and sound production of the album have been carried out by himself. All songs are based on his experience after moving to Switzerland, and are composed mainly in Japanese with J-pop, and J-rock arrangements. They strongly contain the desire to let people in Europe know more about J-pop and J-Rock. What makes this album special is that local Swiss musicians and artists (Guitarist, Bassist, Designer, Photographer) also participated in this album, and make it unique.

In 2022 He started his first European tour. Including Switzerland,He has held concerts at festivals centered around Japanese Anime and Manga in different European countries. The countries He have appeared as a guest at anime festivals are; Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Austria, France. A total of 8 performances in 6 countries. Until now all performances have been a success. 

2011…Own Band【Ascension Blue】started in TOKYO

2013…Main-act at JapAniMangaNight in Switzerland

2018…Solo project started by【KOHEI】


-KOHEI-Concert in Europe


2019...Aki no Matsuri   (in Switzerland Winterthur)

2019...Anime Festival  Freiburg 2019  (in Germany Freiburg)

2022...No Regret Europe Tour 2022


-No Regret Europe Tour 2022-

19.03.2022 - HU Budapest - MondoCon 2022

18.06.2022 - PL Poznan - Pyrkon 2022

15.07.2022 - DE Potsdam - Anime Messe Babelsberg

21.08.2022 - CH Lausanne - Japan Impact

27.08.2022 - AT Graz - HanamiCon

03.09.2022 - DE Freiburg - Anime Festival Freiburg

08.10.2022 - CH Winterthur - Aki No Matsuri

26.11.2022 - FR Toulouse - TGS Toulouse


-Limited Tour 2023-


04.02.2023 - DE Erfurt MAG-C
17-19.03.2023 - EG Cairo  EGYcon
08.04.2023 - CH Montreux  POLYMANGA 2023
21.07 23.07.2023 -DE Babelsberg Anime Messe Babelsberg 2023
19.11.2023 - FR Art to Play 2023

16.12 2023 FR Japan Pop Show in Colmar







2021年、1stアルバム"No Regret"をリリ-ス。全ての作詞、作曲、編曲、サウンドプロデュースを自身で実施。

すべての曲はスイスに移住してからの経験をルーツに作成され、日本語の歌詞、J-pop, J-Rockのアレンジを中心に構成されている。ヨーロッパの方々にJ-Pop, J-Rockをもっと知ってもらいたいという想いも込められたものになっている。また、このアルバムのレコ-ディングにはスイスのミュ-ジシャン、アーティスト(Guitarist,Bassist,Designer,photographer)も参加。




2023年 ヨーロッパ以外の国でもコンサ-ト活動を実施中​。

© 2020 KOHEI
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